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Comments from some satisfied customers...


The other night my 2003 Mercedes-Benz S430 broke down by Alex's repair shop on Quaker Church Rd. and I left it there overnight. I had gotten the alternator replaced by a guy in Dover who I did not want to go back to. Alex spent half a day looking over the wiring diagrams to find out why there was no power to the alternator.


He gave me a very fair price to do the job which required replacing the Terminal Fuse Block located by the passenger side floor. He said it was very likely that the previous mechanic blew out the fuse when trying to replace the alternator and in this particular case the fuse was in the terminal block as one unit and was not sold separately. After this was corrected my car runs great and I now found a great mechanic in the area!


-Armando from Randolph




I brought Alex my commercial painting van that had issues starting. I had previously brought it to 3 other mechanics who had replaced all kinds of parts and never fixed the problem. After testing the fuel pressure and finding out that the reading was very low Alex was confident the problem was in the fuel pump. Now my van starts right up every morning and I have no issues thanks to him. I should have brought it to Alex the first time around!


- David from Randolph

I have been with Alex for over 10 years and will never go to anyone else. He has been very fair and honest with his work and prices. As a result, my '97 Lexus ES300 has over 300k+ miles thanks to him!


-James R. from Randolph




Alex is a very experienced mechanic. When the transmission wouldn't shift on my Jetta anymore I thought that was the end of it and I would have to get rid of my car. After receiving a very reasonable quote from Alex and reassurance with his warranty to replace the transmission,  I have had no problems with my Jetta and continue to drive it to this day.


- Kat V. from Randolph




I'm a traveling musician and rely heavily on my 2004 Corolla. Often times Alex would be able to take on jobs that I would normally bring to the dealer. He uses the same parts as the dealer and I know i'm getting the best price on the job done. I have ultimate confidence and peace of mind when I bring my car to Alex.


- Mike D. from Randolph




Alex has been my mechanic for over 10 years. I trust him completely for all my car repairs. On many occasions, he has saved me money by finding innovative ways to repair my car.


- Raymond H. from Flanders






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